Our Brand

        SUPCON is a global technology company that provides process automation and digitalization product,solution and service. Adhering to a shared mission of Make Industry Smarter, Make Life Easier, SUPCON is committed to continuous improvement in industry development and human well-being.

          The official establishment of SUPCON was in 1999, while our founder, Prof. Chu Jian started researching and launched China’s first 1:1 hot redundant DCS in early 1990s. Since then, we continuously invest in R&D, and explore new technologies to better serve the industry. Today, listed at SSE Star Market, SUPCON is one of the most promising technology companies with over 40% annual growth, leveraging our know-how such as lloT, big data and AI technology, injecting a vital energy to world’s industry.


          It is SUPCON’s intrinsic mission to help forge a stronger bond between employees and corporations. SUPCON takes resolute steps in integrity and honesty, embedding the concept of responsibility into daily operations. We keep improving sustainability with our stakeholders, employees, clients and suppliers during operation and governance. To create value for our clients and society, SUPCON protects environment by carrying out safe & green and low-carbon production, participating in social activities and promoting coordinated development for society.

         Based on SUPCON’s development concept and our own technical characteristics, we hope to provide clients with high-quality industry solutions to effectively connect the production and life, natural resources and technology, so as to truly help the human beings to achieve sustainable development of circular economy.

Our Business

        Under a sustainable commitment to our clients, we dedicate ourselves in the process automation and digitalization, especially for oil & gas, chemical, power, building material, pulp & paper, metallurgy, life science, food & beverage, utilities, etc.

        Our International BU headquarters in Singapore and operates in Southeast Asia, MEA, Eastern Europe, etc. We established global strategic partnership with Saudi Aramco, and has cooperated with ExxonMobil, Shell, BASF, Petronas, PTT, Sinar Mas, EGAT, WAPDA, and other industrial leading companies across over 50 countries and regions.

Our Product
Distributed Control System (DCS)
Webfield® JX-300XP

Distributed Control System (DCS)
Webfield® ECS-700

Distributed Control System (SIS)
Webfield® TCS-900

Distributed Control System (PLC)
Webfield® GCS Series

Measurement Instrumentation

Isolated Barrier             
HD5500 Series

Electromagnetic Flowmeter
EMF89 Series

Temperature Instrument
W Series

Paperless Recorder
AR3100 Series

Process Calibrator
X Series

Pressure Transmitter

Control Valve

Triple Off-set Butterfly Valve
BN Series

O-type Ball Valve
SN5 Series

Eccentric Rotary Control Valve
CN8 Series

V-notch Ball Valve
VN6 Series

linear motion control valve
LN/LM Series