Scale up Process Center

Scale-up/down and in-house capability-based EPC of various chemical processes and equipment are the core know-hows distinguishing Global R&D (GRD) from other pilot plant EPC contractors. Basic design of the commercial unit such as reactors from either pilot- or lab-scale reactor is also our expertise as we have trained several hundred engineers from both Thai and international companies on process design and engineering practices

To Develop New Technology from Small Lab-Scale to Bigger Pilot-Scale and Finally Large Commercial-Scale, the Scaling Up/Down of the Testing Unit such as Reactor is Definitely Important as It has been Widely Used for Technology Development in All Great Company.

Scale up Service Step

Scaling Up/Down methodology is the proprietary know-how of Global which includes 3 Parts

Scale up Consult – Evaluate lab results to confirm technical feasibility.

Scale up Process Proof – Conceptual process design and feasibility study of the expected commercial process from GRD labs experiment.

Commercial Plant Basic Design –  Basic Design and Engineering of the commercial process (Detailed EPC will be done by collaboration with our detailed EPC partners)

Scale up Process Center

Global R&D has Scaled Up/Down on Various Applications Covering the Applications in various of industries such as :

Petrochemicals & Chemicals

Global R&D addresses this industry need by offering a wide variety of R&D solutions for the development and optimization. In order to increase the chances of groundbreaking new catalyst discoveries and to develop or improve new and existing processes, the experimental research must be expanded.

Biomass & Bio base

Our Capability is Covered the Scaling Up/Down of : Biomass-Extraction Unit, High Pressure-Temperature Flow Reactor, Super-Critical Extraction.

Advance Food Material

Our Capability is Covered the Scaling Up/Down of : Food Processing, Enzymes & Bio base, Super Critical Extraction, Food Chemical Material.