Powerlok™ is a one of the leaders in the design, manufacture, supply and support of high performance fluid control equipments, designed to perform under critical conditions of pressure, Flow & Temperature, to satisfy demanding technical requirements worldwide.

Worldclass Products, Proudly Made in India


About the Brand

                   Powerlok™ – Valves & Fittings, a brand of Thomas & Brian®  is the result of our founder’s Mr. E. T. Quadros’ vision and 3 decades of experience in Precision Machining with primary emphasis on Critical Application based Solutions with world class products for fluid control. Our products are at the forefront of consistent performance using advanced materials with a clear goal on safety and increasing plant productivity. We cater primarily to the Primary Energy Sector (Oil & Gas) and Alternative Fuels (Oil & Gas) with solutions given to industries like Pharmaceutical, Analytical Instrumentation, Shipbuilding, Chemical & Petrochemical, Power and Semi-Conductor.

Our Clientele

Note: – As a drive for continuous improvements of our products, Powerlok reserves the right to change the descriptions contained in this brochure without prior notice. Consult local Agent or Factory for revisions and/or service related issues.