Global R&D is committed to proceeding the Business Based on the  Philosophy of “Giving”. Global R&D Believes  in the  Power of “Giving” that is Capable to Give (I) More Positive Employee’s Mind, (II) More Positive Employee’s Performance, (III) More Positive Customer’s Working-Output,  and (IV) More Positive Impact to The World.

One of Our Commitments on the Philosophy of “Giving”  is to Non-Profitably Work for All Academic Proposes in the Institute and University. This Also Includes  the Special Training Courses on the Advanced Equipment Design and Fabrication as well as Advanced Research-Equipment’s Scaling Up/Down for Free of Charge.

Research Service

5-Step Research Process :  Hight Throughput Research, Conceptual Process Design, Reaction Proof, Kinetic Research…

Scale up Process Center

Scale-up/down and in-house capability-based EPC of various chemical processes and equipment are the core know-hows…

P2F Technology

Waste Polymer to Feedstock, P2F is a dreamy project by GRD. We all know, plastic has been widely used to replace several other…
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