We provide Engineering Training as the name of CHEMENGEDU (Chemical & Engineering Education) which focuses on practical and applied knowledge required in operation, design, and engineering of processes and plant equipment for chemical & mechanical engineers.


It was founded by Mr. Wiroon Tanthapanichakoon (Ajarn Charles), an experienced engineer who has published practical technical articles and books, and has taught process design and scale-up courses for various companies and universities. We teach KEY CONCEPTS by integrate with REAL-LIFE, HANDS-ON KNOWLEDGE that plant engineers need in order to work and solve problems efficiently. Nowadays, ChemEngEdu has provided in-house and public trainings for > 150 COMPANIES with >1,500 PARTICIPANTS proven by 50% REPEATING CUSTOMERS.


We believe in a simple philosophy ― TO DEVELOP YOUR BUSINESS, you must FIRST DEVELOP YOUR PEOPLE. This is done through meaningful training with top industry experts, allowing your people to come up with applicable solutions for your everyday business operations and meeting your organization’s needs.


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