Refinery Catalyst Testing

Global R&D is the regional partner for Thailand and Southeast Asia of Avantium.

Find out the best solution for any refinery application ( hydrotreating for ULSD or VGO, hydrocrackingreforming, isomerization, dewaxing, and FCC pretreat) or choose tailored offerings for vendor comparisons, feedstock and process studies as well as spot sample tests.
Increase your profitability by utilizing our best-practice testing programs. Commercial catalysts, real feedstocks and industrially relevant conditions paired with our unmatched reactor-to-reactor reproducibility for scalability of results.
Micro-pilot plant 16-parallel reactors technology validated by all major catalyst suppliers.

Well-defined processes equal efficiency

Benefit from expertise and best practice test protocols to quickly select your catalyst.

Milestones for successful Refinery Catalyst Testing

Successful catalyst testing requires early planning to allow sufficient time to make necessary arrangements and timely obtain test results.

The proposed milestones and indicative timeline are best practices and should serve as a reference relative to the planned catalyst change out. Catalyst lead-time is typically between 6 and 12 months. The selection process, including testing, should start several months before that.

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