Global R&D is a leading technology company specialized in the area of Research and Development , We Help our Customers on the whole range of research and development Starting from catalysis lab research and equipment setup including kinetics, reactor design & engineering, research-equipment scaling up/down and R&D-service.

Our Specialists Have an Experience in Successful Development of New-to-the-World Technology Starting from the Lab-Scale to Pilot-Scale and to Commercial Scale.  This  corresponds to the Company Name, “Global R&D”, meaning the Specialist Company doing the holistic activity related to Research and Development (R&D) for Creating  the Next Era, Generation, Big-Jump of Technology.


Global R&D is committed to proceeding the Business Based on the  Philosophy of “Giving”. Global R&D Believes  in the  Power of “Giving” that is Capable to Give (I) More Positive Employee’s Mind, (II) More Positive Employee’s Performance, (III) More Positive Customer’s Working-Output,  and (IV) More Positive Impact to The World.

One of Our Commitments on the Philosophy of “Giving”  is to Non-Profitably Work for All Academic Proposes in the Institute and University. This Also Includes  the Special Training Courses on the Advanced Equipment Design and Fabrication as well as Advanced Research-Equipment’s Scaling Up/Down for Free of Charge.

Products & Consulting

Industries served

Global R&D offers a wide variety of R&D solutions for the global industry in a number of fields, including:

  • Refining & Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental
  • Food Processing
  • Fine Chemicals & Specialty Chemicals
  • Cosmetics

Refining & Energy

Global R&D addresses this industry need by offering a wide variety of R&D solutions for the development and optimization of catalytic processes for the conversion of crudes, production of fuels and/or increasing fuels quality.

  • Syngas chemistry
  • Syngas production
  • Fischer-Tropsch
  • Comparative Catalyst Testing
  • Alternative fuels
  • Reforming and Steam Reforming
  • HDS/ HDN
  • Hydrocracking
  • Hydrogenation


The key to this is in new catalyst development or the optimization of existing catalysts and catalyzed processes. In order to increase the chances of groundbreaking new catalyst discoveries and to develop or improve new and existing processes, the experimental research must be expanded. We offer R&D solutions including the following reaction types :

  • Oxidations
  • Syngas to chemicals
  • Selective Hydrogenation
  • Dehydrogenations
  • Amination
  • Aromatization
  • Methane Activation
  • CO2 Utilization
  • Polymerization
  • Metathesis

Environmental and Renewables

As the level of environmental awareness grows, the importance of emission control catalysts also increases. This applies to both stationary exhaust catalysts as well as mobile exhaust catalysts, also most companies recognize the need to create new products derived from chemical processes based on renewable feedstock.

  • Lean NOx Trap
  • Stationary SCR
  • DOC
  • Dehydration
  • Polycondensation
  • Monomer synthesis