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P2F Technology

P2F Technology

World Plastic Pollution play an important role in our daily life yet proper management of plastic waste streams has not been adequately addressed.

Researchers around the world have tried to convert waste HDPE and PP plastics and so-on to useful products, but so far, they have only been able to obtain only heavy oil products or heavy carbonaceous materials, which are suitable only as fuel.

With our revolutionary P2F technology, Plastic waste to Plastic Feedstock has pioneered a process that has the ability to change the way the world handles waste plastic and plastic recycling.

Reversible Plastic Process

Global R&D’s new plastic recycling technology “Plastic waste to Plastic Feedstock” (P2F Technology) that will change plastic to “Reversible Plastic” with our new additive-added plastics in compounding process that can make plastics that are readily converted into plastic gas feedstock (C2-C4 hydrocarbon gases) for petrochemical industry at low temperature around 450 – 500°c. and you can also obtain great-value products from the degradation process.

This plastic additives technology has a potential to be applied to various types of plastics including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), PET, but the PE application is most ready to commercialize due to repeatedly superior test results of the plastics with our additives

P2F Technology Result

P2F additives can significantly improve the thermal degradation properties of the plastics after use, so that these additive-added plastics will have special properties enabling easy decomposition into > 90% clean useful C2-C5 rich gas products at much lower decomposition (450-500 ºc).

We obtained very promising results as :

–   Methane < 7 wt%

–   C2-C4 paraffins around 70-80 wt%

–   C3 olefin (propylene) around 3 wt%

–   Other C4 & C5’s < 13 wt%

These highly paraffinic products can be separated and directly used as a feedstock for the petrochemical industry. This means we can get great petrochemical feedstocks from waste plastics

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