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Global R&D is a leading technology company specialized in the area of Research and Development , We help our customers starting from catalysts lab research and equipment setup incluiding kinetics, reactor design & engineer-ing on the Whole Range of Research and Development Starting from Reactor Design & Engineering, Research-Equipment Scaling Up/Down and R&D-Service.  Read More

Global R & D is committed to proceeding  Business Based on the Philosophy of “ Giving ”. Global R&D Believes in the Power of “ Giving ” that is Capable to Give (I) More Positive Employee’s Mind, (II) More Positive Employee’s Performance, (III) More Positive Customer’s Read More

* High-thoughput reactor system
* Tube Furnaces for Lab & Pilot Plants
Research and Kinetics Service
* Scale up/down
* Energy&Technology Consulting
* Waste to Value added Product Technology 

Global R&D is a Center of Specialist Community. We are Specialists on (I) Advanced Research Equipment Design, (II) Advanced Research Equipment and Special Part Fabrication, (III) Advanced Equipment Scaling Up/Down, (IV) Advanced rocess Optimization, (V) Advanced R&D-Serviced Read More